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Standard equipment and key features:

Platform for pruning, harvesting, installation of anti-hail nets and other work at heights.

  • Lifting platform suitable for work at heights, e.g. opening/closing the hail protection nets, tree cutting, as a harvesting aid, etc.
  • Manual adjustment of working width
  • Sliding side extensions on the same level as the central base
  • Bearing on hermetically tightened, permanently lubricated ball-bearings
  • Made of non-slip sheet metal
  • Footboard
  • Side railing designed to allow the passage of branches
  • Side door for entrance
  • Tubes mounted under the platform to pick up/mount on the forklift
  • Safety-protections and “CE” certification

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Technical description

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Art. Mod larghezza_min_pedana larghezza_mass_pedana profondita_pedana peso
OPE.000712 PE 712 1.300 mm 2.400 mm 800 mm 220 kg
OPE.001200 PE 1200 1.300 mm 2.400 mm 1.200 mm 260 kg
OPE.001500 PE 1500 1.600 mm 3.000 mm 1.200 mm 350 kg
OPE.002000 PE 2000 2.100 mm 4.000 mm 1.200 mm 400 kg


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Lengthened forks for carrying bins (for PE 712)

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KIT device for carrying bins 1,120 x 1,120 x 570 (inside)

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