• AEDES production, trading and building agricultural machinery

  • AEDES designs and builds a broad range of professional machines

  • We produce machines that are innovative, technologically advanced, reliable, robust and, at the same time, at a fair price

Our Company

AEDES, a word with Greek and Latin roots that means home, temple, building.

Feeling at home among the apple orchards and vineyards of South Tyrol, we combine tradition and the most modern technology, creating professional agricultural machines.

Our mission is to optimize the work of farmers to make their efforts more profitable.

Our strengths:

  • Production of high-quality, future-oriented machines
  • Customer service to ensure that your machines work well and reliably in the long term
  • A wide range of products for every need

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Individual Solution

Our staff

Chief Marketing / Operating Officer (CMO/COO)
Günther Pircher – CEO Sales
Chief Marketing / Operating Officer (CMO/COO)
Giovanni Zarantonello – CEO Production
Telephone No: +39 0471 510443
Fax: +39 0471 510403
Via del Sole, 24
P. IVA 02237980244
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