Varius.Serie RMV automatic ”feeler“

Product description


Standard equipment and key features:

Width adjustable grass cutter, compact, extra SHORT and robust, transmission through gearboxes.


• Compact and robust structure with hydraulic width adjustment
• Two hydraulic cylinders for hydraulic adjustment independent adjustment with hoses and quick connectors for direct connection to the hydraulic system the tractor
• Very short construction for optimum manoeuvrability in tight turnaround
• Revolutionary transmission system to better absorb loads when working and to protect the mechanical parts
• Transmission through one central gearbox and two lateral gearboxes with counter-rotating cutter spindle rotors
• Rubber safety device in line with the three gearboxes
• Gearbox with integrated free wheel - adjustment 540 RPM (750/1000 RPM on request)
• Front rollers and large rear roller, height adjustable for ease of sliding and manoeuvring
• Adjustable track width (carriageway) of the front rollers
• Frame of three-point linkage category 1 and 2 - FIXED CENTRAL with chain and connecting pins
• Machine attached behind the tractor and used in trail (front mounting or for tractors with reverse drive on request - indicate RPM and direction of rotation PTO)
• Safety-protections and “CE” certification

For the operation of this machine, the tractor needs
• TWO double acting hydraulic valves

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Technical description

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Art. Mod rmv_1 rmv_2 taglio rmv_h1_h2 coltello_dx coltello_sx kw_hp peso
RMV.AUTO03 RMV 13/17 * 1.300 mm 1.660 mm 1.280/1.640 mm (H1/H2/L) 450/190/1.150 mm 2 1 33/45 500 kg
RMV.AUTO05 RMV 15/20 * 1.510 mm 1.995 mm 1.280/1.640 mm (H1/H2/L) 450/190/1.200 mm 4 2 37/50 545 kg
RMV.AUTO02 RMV 17/23 * 1.730 mm 2.290 mm 1.710/2.270 mm (H1/H2/L) 450/190/1.300 mm 4 2 44/60 590 kg
RMV.AUTO01 RMV 19/26 * 1.950 mm 2.610 mm 1.930/2.590 mm (H1/H2/L) 450/190/1.440 mm 4 2 51/70 640 kg
RMV.AUTO04 RMV 22/30 * 2.220 mm 3.020 mm 2.200/3.000 mm (H1/H2/L) 450/190/1.550 mm 4 2 58/80 680 kg
RMV.AUTO06 RMV 25/35 * 2.500 mm 3.500 mm 2.480/3.480 mm (H1/H2/L) 450/190/1.600 mm 4 2 66/90 720 kg


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Valve for synchronous control of the hydraulic cylinders with block valves

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Special gearbox in dual direction of rotating (LS and RS) - indicate the PTO speed (excluded RMV 25/35)

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Hydraulic side shifting LINEAR

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Pivoting rubber wheels (2) TIRFILL FRONT (price difference)

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Rubber wheels (2) “TIRFILL” adjustable in width (price difference)

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Carriage 2 PIVOTING rubber wheels “TIRFILL” REAR (price difference)

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Hydraulic cylinder on the rear roller (carriage) for cutting height adjustment

** For the operation of this machine, the tractor needs ONE double acting hydraulic valve

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Independent hydraulic unit (pump, tank)

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Bilateral weeding system - tank 120 l (Pump 12 V)

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Bilateral weeding system - tank 200 l (Pump 12 V)

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Cardan shaft GR 6 L 1000

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