Blühstreifen.Serie BAS

Product description


Standard equipment and key features:

Innovative robust mulching machine “Blühstreifen” with elevated middle part of the machine WITHOUT cutting rotor, to leave the grass high and in flower.

  • Compact and sturdy structure without cutting rotor in the central part
  • Transmission through three gearboxes
  • Two counter-rotating cutter spindle rotors
  • Safety rubber discs for connection of the gearboxes and the cutter spindle rotors
  • Gearbox adjustment 540 RPM
  • Grass distribution bilateral to the tree row (distribution of grass towards the carriageway on request)
  • Deflectors in sheet metal on both sides to allow the side discharge of the product
  • Height-adjustable metal rollers front (outside) and rear (inside)
  • Frame of three-point linkage category 1 (cat. 2 on request) - FIXED CENTRAL
  • Third point with floating chain to allow the machine to perfectly follow the ground
  • Machine attached behind the tractor and used in trail (front mounting or for tractors with reverse drive on request)
  • Cardan shaft with freewheel
  • Safety-protections and “CE” certification

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Technical description

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Art. Mod ingombro_falciatrice taglio coltello_dx coltello_sx kw_hp peso
BAS.001600 BAS 1600 1.640 mm 600 (400) 600 mm 1 1 29/40 330 kg
BAS.002400 BAS 2400 2.450 mm 950 (500) 950 mm 2 2 33/45 550 kg
BAS.002600 BAS 2600 2.650 mm 1.050 (500) 1.050 mm 2 2 44/60 565 kg
BAS.002800 BAS 2800 2.850 mm 1.150 (500) 1.150 mm 2 2 55/75 580 kg


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Automatic bilateral feeler (WITHOUT pump and tank)

* For the operation of this machine, the tractor needs ONE single acting hydraulic valve (permanent oil 15 lt.) with free return, TWO double acting hydraulic valves, and ONE socket 12 V - 3 pins

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Independent hydraulic system (pump/tank/oil/cooler/cardan shaft) (+125 kg) 

* For the operation of this machine, the tractor needs ONE socket 12 V - 3 poles 

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Kit retro-reflective panels (Y/R)

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Rubber wheels (4) “TIRFILL” instead of the front and rear metal rollers - height-adjustable

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