Box lift.GIR

Product description


Standard equipment and key features:

Turning device 360° - mounting on tractor- and industrial forklift.

  • Can be mounted on all AEDES BOX-LIFT forklifts (specify the model) - except for the FL series
  • 360° right-side and left-side rotation
  • Two mechanically adjustable side arms as bin holder
  • Turn-up and adjustable forks (external breath 450/700 mm)

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Technical description

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Art. Mod portata_elevatore rotazione_mass peso
OBL.GIR360 GIR 360 1.500 kg 360° 180 kg


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Hooks “FEM” 1 or 2 for industrial forklift

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Predisposition for quick attachment on AEDES BOX LIFT without removing the forks

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Side arms and holders mechanically adjustable

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Mounting-KIT with 4 hoses for FL series

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