BioSystem Serie BSI unilateral

Product description


Standard equipment and key features:

 UNILATERAL hydraulic weed mover with wires rotor AEDES “BioSystem” and automatic feeler for mechanical/ecological weeding in “ORGANIC” orchards and vineyards.


• Inter-row arm with wires rotor AEDES “BioSystem” unilateral and automatic feeler

• Hydraulically side adjustable for plant widths from 2.00 m to 3.00 m

• Rotor with special wires (PU 6 mm - reinforced)

• Cylinder for hydraulic tilt of the wires rotor

• Electro-hydraulic automatic feeler with electrovalves, flow regulator, emergency button for manual interventions

• Hydraulic cylinder (positioner) that opens/closes and adjusts the wires rotor

• The machine is equipped with independent hydraulic system (pump, tank, hydraulic oil, electric oil cooler/radiator)

• Gearbox adjustment PTO 540 RPM (750/1000 RPM on request)

• Machine equipped with front rollers and wide rear roller (Ø 170 mm) adjustable in height to ensure perfect suitability to terrain irregularity and to flatten down the uncut grass

• Frame of three-point linkage category 1 (cat. 2 on request)

• Sliding chain on the third point to allow the machine to perfectly adapt to the terrain irregularity

• Machine attached behind the tractor and used in trail (front mounting or for tractors with reverse drive on request - indicate RPM and direction of rotation PTO)

• Safety-protections and “CE” certification

For the operation of this machine, the tractor needs

• TWO sockets 12 V - 3 pins

• THREE double acting hydraulic valves

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Technical description

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Art. Mod ingombro_falciatrice ingombro_conruota_falciatrice spostamento_falciatrice kw_hp peso
BSI.S00002 BSI unilaterale 1.150 mm 1.560 mm 300 mm 25/35 380 kg


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Price difference for extended wires rotor “BioSystem” (L 700)

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2-lever electro-hydraulic distributor

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Reduced price WITHOUT Electro-hydraulic automatic feeler (mechanically with gas shock absorber)

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Cardan shaft GR 6 L 1000

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